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Over 30 years of experience in testing, sorting, and automated and semi-automated system design.

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A Different Point of View

Bablu Ratnaparkhi of ECS developed his own methodology of non-destructive testing, system design and assembly, and sorting through his 30+ years of work.

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Decades of Process Improvement and Cost Reduction

Let us support you with our consultation and expertise with non destructive testing to improve quality, reduce cost & cycle time while detecting and sorting defective component and eliminating scrap.

Sorting & non-destructive testing of automotive components, detecting poor heat treat process, cracks, and mixed steel conditions such as:

  • Transmission components
  • Wheel bearing components
  • Axle shaft components
  • Engine components

Other Services offered include:

  • Automated inspection machine design and build
  • Developing Inspection & standard verification masters.
  • Trouble shooting with existing systems.
  • Documentation for operation, verification & PFMEA
  • Personnel training
  • Project consulting

An innovative approach to Eddy Current Technology

Expertise in root cause analysis and developing inspection systems to find parts with even minor defects that most conventional systems will miss. Creative probe designs for higher quality inspections to reduce costs by eliminating false rejects.


Saved millions of dollars for major automotive manufacturers

$1.2 Million saved

Developing Eddy Current inspections for wheel bearing studs to sort poorly heat treated parts that a major fastener inspection company was unable to do

$250,000 saved

Designed Eddy Current instrument capable of dual applications such as material testing and crack detection, eliminating the need to maintain spare instruments

$1.5 Million saved

Improving quality and reducing costs for automotive component and wheel bearing manufacturing companies by replacing their inadequate NDT inspections with state of art and robust Eddy Current systems.